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what I can do for you...


Whilst pruning and topiary are my specialities, I cover all aspects of maintenance required through the seasons.  I can transform an overgrown mess into anything in line with your budget.   I have many suggestions and alternatives for making your garden more wildlife friendly and productive.
On another scale I work with various designers on high profile, contemporary planting schemes.

Children's gardening

Greateastgardener has been working with two and 3-year-olds at Mini Home Nursery N16, teaching them how to sow, grow and transplant seedlings. The children choose which vegetables they want to grow; sow the seeds and watch them grow (the polytunnel was fantastic for fast results...) Picking, tasting and sharing are also high priority!

Forest Gardening

Turn your garden into a productive use of space with a canopy layer, shrub layer and ground cover Using perennial edible plants that also benefit each other by transporting nutrients through the soil, your garden will become a high yielding feast, have a hum of insects and attract all forms of wildlife as well as looking beautiful.

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